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Play As Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn in Monster Hunter World!

Just in time for Horizon Zero Dawn’s (HZD) first year anniversary, CAPCOM decided to release the Aloy Armor and Bow set in Monster Hunter World.


Hunters can now play as Aloy by unlocking her armor through the “Proving Grounds” event quest. You need to be at least an HR11 to access this quest. The quest entails you to hunt a 6 star Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. The Anjanath reminds us of a fan-favorite machine in HZD, the Thunderjaw. You may need to farm this quest a couple of times in order to complete the materials for Aloy’s armor and bow. Aloy’s armor is not exclusive to female characters, male characters could also equip it with a different overall appearance.

Obtaining Aloy’s armor and bow is also rewarding. This armor and weapon set is not only for aesthetics. It has good equipment skills and can hold it’s own even in High Rank Quests.


During the release of Monster Hunter World, CAPCOM opened the Palico Watcher armor quest, “Lesson of The Wild”. In case you missed it or this quest, no need to worry as Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto that the game’s Event Quests would operate on a “rotating schedule”, so may access these quests again at a later date.

The “Proving Grounds” event quest would run from February 28, 2018 until March 15, 2018.


Aside from Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter World has collaborated with other games such as Street Fighter V, wherein you can unlock a Ryu Armor if you have a save file of the game. This quest and a Sakura armor would be available to everyone in-game at a later date. It was also reported that a Megaman Palico armor would be avaialable some time next year when Mega Man 11 comes out for consoles and PC.


In celebration of Horizon Zero Dawn’s anniversary, you may look back at our photomode review that we did last year.


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