Posted April 19, 2016 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

Guess Who’s Coming Back For Another Round of Street Fighter?


Street Fighter alumni, Guile and his signature flat-top would be coming to Street Fighter V this month. Street Fighter V in their upcoming update would not only feature the return of a fan-favorite but it also comes along with a new stage and improvements to the game’s online experience.

The said update will bring in its first DLC stage, a 3D rendition of Guile’s classic Air Force Base! Along with a new stage, Street Fighter V will start to implement their Rage Quit System. This is the game’s way of punishing players who frequently disconnect during matches aka rage quitters. Players who have high disconnect rates will received an in-game notification and will be locked out of the matchmaking for a period of time.

Street Fighter V have also improved the matchmaking feature for players to have an easier time connecting to Battle Lounges anywhere in the world.

The Street Fighter V update will be released this April.

As a bonus, we’ll leave you with a video of Guile’s critical art, the Sonic Hurricane.

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