Posted February 12, 2014 by Nicolo Parungo in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wolverine #1 – A Killer New Status Quo


Company: Marvel Comics
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Ryan Stegman

The latest volume of Wolverine is a comic that wouldn’t work in the hands of a lesser writer, it features everyone’s favourite X-Man with BAD-ASS ARMOUR and because he lost his healing factor so he HAS TO USE GUNS NOW, and BECAUSE GUNS ARE COOL also he’s WORKING FOR THE BAD GUYS! It sounds more like a Deathstroke comic more than a Wolverine one.

Thankfully in the hands of writer Paul Cornell he not only makes it work, he makes it intriguing and mysterious enough for us to enjoy the ride.

While we do witness Wolverine taking part of a heist with his new group of BAD ASS super villains while wearing his AWESOME NUCLEAR PROOF ARMOUR! We also get a flashback where he converses with X-man storm and fellow Avenger Black Widow and they re-emphasize his humanity, making his actions during the heist and the killer ending even more interesting. They make you wonder WHY he’s doing this and it was smart for Cornell not to address his reasons for doing this right away.

(Superior) Spider-Man artist Ryan Stegman joins Cornell here and whether it’s him drawing a different character or the inking of Mark Morales, his art here is superior (heeheehee) to his previous work with everyone’s favourite (or infamous) web slinger. I also love how he draws Logan short since most artists seem to forget he’s actually 5 foot 3, it’s a nice touch, and his action scenes are dynamic and full of energy. He also pulls of the new armor remarkably well.

Wolverine #1 is worth buying, with a killer new status quo and an intriguing mystery that will have some fans screaming. One can argue that this isn’t Chris Claremont’s Wolverine, but the flashback hints that underneath all the RAD ARMOUR and GUNS THAT KILL PEOPLE WITH BULLETS, our favorite X-Man is still there.

Thank you to DK comics for supplying us with a copy! :) 

Nicolo Parungo