Posted September 4, 2010 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Review: Wolverine # 1

Reviewing Wolverine # 1 by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes

Wolverine Goes to Hell part 1

Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes brings to us a tale of horror and suspense and revenge and betrayal.

As Wolverine‘s soul travels to the bowels of hell, enemies both on Earth and in hell move out to find Logan‘s girlfriend Melinda. if not for the last minute save by the returning Mystique. The mastermind(s) show the reader those who will be involved including Daken, X-23 and even Jubilee.

The book’s overall tone seems to invoke more of Spawn rather than the regular Wolverine books. Which is more of a good thing for me rather than a bad. John Wraith also makes an appearance after quite some time away from the Wolverine books (and he doesnt look like Will.I.Am mind you).

The look of the devil possessed looks awesome. It evokes the “Death” costume and at the same time completes this whole “I AM LEGION” vibe. So massive props to Guedes for that.

Jason Aaron‘s Wolverine run is pretty awesome if you ask me. He’s been coming up with new ways to make Wolverine an important piece of the Marvel U. Insane in the Brain and Adamantium Men made certain that his role in the Marvel U is a complex role with so many threads.

This is a good read for comic book geeks that want more mature reading with regards to the Wolverine book. The book’s also a great starting point for new readers to the title.

I give this an A

Earl Maghirang