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Three Kings of Superhero Cosplay: Myke dela Paz

Admit it. It is hard to cosplay a comicbook character especially the male ones, who either have good looks or bear a superhero physique. Even superhero villains have to be aesthetically appealing like Heath Ledger. But Myke dela Paz struck this notion with optic blasts, Nidgel Bailon killed it with laughing gas as Kevin Mark Bautista took photos of it for the obituary. These guys pulled it off.



Myke dela Paz, best known as “Phoenix Force Myke,” is a top Heroclix modder. He first ventured into superhero cosplay as Cyclops during the AvX launch of Comicxhub earlier this month. With a superhero physique, Myke plans to shift from being the leader of Utopia to the king of Atlantis.



People have known you for your headturning figurines of  comicbook characters? Why venture into cosplay?

I always saw cosplayers but mostly anime stuff and I’m not much into those so I find them corny. I’m a Marvel and comics fan so I envy those that is see in SDCC cosplays of Marvel heroes. Then i finally saw this X-men cosplay group and found it pretty cool that there are cosplayers here in the country that play as superheroes.

So I decided to join the group and luckily, I was able to be my favorite character Cyclops as they also needed one that time.


How did you prepare for your costume?

Since it was my first time and the notice was quite short , I only mocked up my attire. And went for the Grant Morisson look of Cyclops. I already had the visor befoire as my collection , and I was able to borrow a jacket from a friend which i nipped/tucked to fit me well, wore my leather pants and boots, bought a pait of black gloves and then made custom metal X buckle.

If there is another event again , I would like to be more prepared and have Cyclops’ modern costume tailored well. Since I’m an artist, I could also make improvised costume parts if needed for myself and even for my other group mates.


Any dream cosplay?

I have only played Cyclops for now. But I intend to be Namor sometime in the future or whatever the group needs that I could pull off. I also wanted to be Cable or Nate Grey.

Have you experienced any crazy thing during cosplay?

Define Crazy. (Laughs). Nothing yet I suppose.


As a newbie, how did cosplay benefit you?

Joining a cosplay group increased my circle of friends and additionally, I was able to mingle with people with whom I have common interests with regarding comics stuff, X-Men , the fun of roleplaying , cosplaying the characters , etc. all good fun. We are all kids at heart , and we always wanted to do these kind of stuff. and luckily with a group like this , I was able to.

Sounds like a love letter to the Philippine X-Men cosplay team. Let’s now talk about some naysayers. Are your friends supportive of you cosplaying?


Well some find it geeky , somethng like a kidstuff, some say, “oh Myke, you’re such a geek,” but really looked down really. Most of my friends find it cool and they say I can pull off almost anything.


Do you plan to stop cosplaying in the future?


I really can’t say if I’m gonna stop in the future. We’ll never know it maybe because of schedules, work, or other reasons. But as long as I have the time and the costume, and the group and events, I will still do it.


What would you tell  guys who’d want to try cosplaying their favorite characters?

Have fun doing it. Know the character you are cosplaying so you can be the character while you’re wearing it. Be confident and proud beause not all people can do this thing. We got guts! (Laughs). If we do our homework on what we cosplay and prepare enough what to wear, we’ll be able to amaze people who can relate to this characters, and avoid critics like oh that is a wrong pattern or whatever.


Then again, after all of these play, we should never forget that we’re just cosplaying and still be ourselves , be cool. So the “madlang people” will not find us too freaky or weird.

Thanks, Myke!  Any shoutout to your friends?

The Philippine X-Men cosplay group rocks! And you’ll see more awesome stuff in the future!


To view Myke’s jaw-dropping figurines, head to www.phoenixforce.x.am.



Jerald Uy