Posted June 16, 2014 by LJ Zenarosa in Anime/Manga

VINCENT ASEO: Digital Art At Its Finest!

As our technology starts to rule all over the platforms of media and art, people also began to work their talents on the available resources that they had. In today’s article, we’ll feature a work of a freelance artist in relation to today’s booming of geek culture. This genius does not only work as a freelance graphic artist but also has his own set of fan art and alternative poster creations. If you think artists like him are visible only on the foreign art scene, think twice.

Vincent Rhafael Aseo, or Cent to his friends had his humble beginnings in his home by creating his own style of art. Starting from colorful pop arts to minimalist alternative posters, this boy wonder is working on his dream of creating simple inspirations from his world. Now, he is taking the field of art by storm.

Here are some of his creations:


Kuroko No Basuke

If you want to check out more of his work, do check out his website: VincentAseo.Com, or drop by his Facebook page and enjoy the wonder of his art.

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