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MARK MILLAR will Return to Manila!

That’s right! FlipGeeks got to participate to a group Q&A with Mark Millar (Empress, Huck, Jupiter’s Legacy, Jupiter’s Circle), and we got to have some juicy stuff coming from him to his Filipino fans!

Mark Millar has written a lot of comics throughout his career, and we asked him if he thinks he has already written his magnum opus. Millar said, “Once you’ve done your magnum opus there’s no need to do anything else so I have to say no as I have tons of stories I want to tell. The Utopian trilogy across the Jupiter books [Jupiter’s Legacy & Jupiter’s Circle] come close. It’s the most enormous thing I’ve ever done and I need a lie down just thinking about it. Speaking of which, loads preview pages in a second.”

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For the last couple of years, Millar has done quite a mini-series under Image Comics – MPH, Starlight, Chrononauts, Huck, Jupiter’s Legacy and Jupiter’s Circle. Millar finds Huck as the most enjoyable of it all. He said, “I loved writing that and I wrote it so quickly, which is always a good sign for me.”

Mark Millar mentioned that his favorite genre to write recently is sci-fi. “Empress, Chrononauts, Starlight, even Jupiter’s Legacy and MPH are all sci-fi and worked out really well.” Millar added, “The Capullo project is a brand new genre for me. It’s exciting because I’ve never tried anything like this before.”

Reborn cov Mark Millar

Reborn by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo. Coming soon.

We also asked him how he writes new stories. Millar explained, “The way I write is to draw the character over and over, sometimes for a few days, and the story emerges from there. Usually a moment, then another moment and I start building from there, working on a white board to get the structure all worked out. Then I start scripting. That initial process can take at least a couple of weeks for six issue story and then another 2-3 months to write the scripts.”

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Last question that we asked to Mark Millar during the group Q&A was if has any message for his fans in the Philippines. He stated, “A message for the Pinoy and Pinays? I’ll be back. Maybe even as soon as this year. My favourite signing ever. The people were amazing. Even Leinil [Yu]!!!!!”

Jupiter's Legacy 2 01JCcover#1+new logo

So get ready Manila, Mark Millar is coming back! Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 and Jupiter’s Circle, Vol. 2 TP will be released at your nearest local comic book store this Wednesday! FlipGeeks would like to thank Millarworld for the accommodation. For further news and updates, visit more often here at FlipGeeks.Com.

To watch our exclusive video interview with him back in ‘Millar-in-Manila;, click HERE.

Here’s our pre-interview chat with him.

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