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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
David Marquez


There are times when I feel like I shouldn’t be picking up All-New X-Men anymore.

I already *know* what to expect, after all – not much action, and the obligatory page or two talking about how modern Cyclops is this irredeemable jerk who completely dropped the ball when he had the chance. As a huge Cyclops fan, this irritates me to no end. It’s not as if he was completely and totally wrong in AvX in the first place – in fact, his fellow Phoenix Five member, Namor, pretty much flooded Wakanda, yet Scott STILL gets more grief for the whole thing than that pompous Spock lookalike.

Don’t get me wrong – I *want* to like this book. When it was first announced, it was the only Marvel NOW! title I was looking forward to. I guess my expectations just really weren’t met.

This issue shines the spotlight on the past version of Scott Summers, as he gets a pep talk from the last person anyone would ever want to listen to – Mystique. Managing to fool the younger version of Summers into believing that she means well, Mystique quickly informs an as-of-yet unrevealed accomplice of her true intentions.

Maybe there’s something in the book that I’m just not seeing, but it really seems like All-New X-Men is nothing more than a continuous attempt to crap on the former leader of the mutant race. Not even the art can save it for me – I might just drop this title really soon if things keep playing out this way. There are cute moments in this book – Kitty as drill instructor, for one, and the touching and somewhat heartbreaking scene at the end – but they’re just not enough to counter-balance my negative feelings for All-New X-Men.

Apparently, the kids are meeting the Avengers next issue. Hooray, another opportunity to paint modern Cyclops as a complete pile of turd.


Oh well, there’s Uncanny X-Men (out today!) to look forward to, I guess.

VERDICT: 2.5/5

Pick this book up mainly for the art. If you’re not THAT sold on the art, though, wait for the trade. Or, I dunno, ask your friends to give you a detailed summary of what happened, or something like that.

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Mikael Angelo Francisco