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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Animal Man #4 (w/ some inks by pinoy artist – Jeff Huet)

Flipgeeks gets to review Animal Man #4 by Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman.

In all DC’s New 52 books that went out, there are 5-6 of them that I really liked. Animal Man became my top favorite. Animal Man #4 is still consistently in all marks. Especially, our fellow Filipino artist – Jeff Huet inked some of the pages for this issue.

As the story continues from Buddy and his daughter Maxine fighting bad hordes of the Rot in the issue. Two elements were drawn from this issue: the capabilities and significancy of Buddy’s daughter and the etiology of cannibalistic agents of the Rot.

Jeff Lemire never missed a beat in this issue. While Travel Foreman did also a fantastic job sharing really raw monstrous visuals.

From my past reviews of it’s past issues, there’s nothing more that I can say, except, I would like to repeat that everybody should read this…… of course not for young children.

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