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SPOILER ALERT: Justice League Of America #4 (That Bloody Cliffhanger)

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JLA #5 Cover

Above shows the cover for Justice League of America #5, it shows a coffin in which of course all of us will assume who died. But JLA #4 which already hit the stands this week MIGHT have the answer. It did one helluva cliffhanger and it ended with a bang, and a prominent and fan favorite character lies on the floor DEAD.

In this issue Catwoman was investigating the Secret Society of Super Villains and as it reaches the end she was shot point blank, presumed dead. But what’s interesting is that in the upcoming Catwoman Annual #1,  she’s alive and that she has an upcoming storyline this summer with Penguin in Gotham City.

So, is Catwoman Dead or Alive?! Knowing that Geoff Johns is writing this book, and he has, let’s say mastered the art of comic book character resurrections (see top comic resurrections) we’re pretty sure she’s gonna be back in any means possible. But please no Superboy-Punch!!

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