Posted May 24, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

What Could Be DC Comics’ Bombshell Announcement?

Fans are now speculating what DC Comics has in store for their fans especially with the silence that the comic book publisher has been doing ever since the solicits for Flashpoint # 5.

According to DC’s The Source, DC Comics bigwigs Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be making a very huge announcement soon regarding the status of the world/ universe after the events of Flashpoint.

I do hope that this would be big.  According to another news source, Superman will be getting the biggest push and the biggest changes after the events of Flashpoint.

Here are some of the biggest rumors surrounding this ongoing DC mystery…

  • We’ll be seeing another version of Infinite Crisis (since it felt like Infinite Crisis wasn’t just that big enough)
  • No more Superman books, rather, we’ll be seeing a steady stream of OGNs (Original Graphic Novels)
  • Another rebooted universe for Flash, Superman and even Wonder Woman
  • (Here’s a personal favorite) An ongoing JLA series written by Geoff Johns with art and covers by Jim Lee.

Earl Maghirang