Posted January 27, 2011 by Timzster in Comics

Spoiler: Guess Who Bites The Dust In Fantastic Four #587?

Being sold a day early has its perks and spoilers, but now the comic industry and fanbase know via the interwebz who actually dies in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four #587. The new current storyline “Three” was promoted months earlier, and it promised everlasting ramifications to Marvel’s First Family that would send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe.

Now, via Marvelousnews.com, Newsarama, and even Marvel.com, we finally learn just who among the four perish in this polybagged special issue. SPOILERS AHEAD in case you didn’t see earlier, so look at your own risk!


As expected and voted by many fans out there, Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, dies a hero’s death in the pages of Fantastic Four #587. His death was a pretty obvious guess by some, since everyone in the team but the Torch bought the big one before (not counting the team’s “demise” during the Onslaught Saga).

With Johnny’s sacrifice, the series will conclude with Fantastic Four #588, and a new series will debut soon after, with new changes to the status quo of the team.

How that plays remains to be seen, but all we know now is that we’ve lost another hero. For more details, read the source post over at Marvelousnews, Newsarama, and Marvel.com.

R.I.P Johnny Storm. FLAME OFF!


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