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BATMAN DAY Returns this September 2015

Batman Day 2015

It was so nice, they’re doing it twice.

DC Entertainment announced today via the DC Comics website that Batman Day – a celebration of all things Dark Knight – will be taking place for a second straight year. The event, which we can now assume to take place annually, is happening on September 26, 2015.

In honor of the 75+ years of the Batman inspiring generations of people, the celebration will be a worldwide event with thousands upon thousand of comic book shops, bookstores and even libraries commemorating the big day.

Not only that, but a barrage of Batman-related readables, watchables and even playables celebrating the big day will also be unraveled to the public, with the likes of DK Publishing, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment joining in on the festivities.

Meet-and-greets on Batman Day with some of the greatest comic talents to ever craft stories on the Caped Crusader will also take place, featuring the likes of Grant Morrrison, Scott Synder, Jim Lee, Brian Azzarello and Dusin Nguyen.

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