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The Makings of a Great NBA 2K Game

Hi guys, October is just a few months away and if you’re like me who’s a huge fan of the NBA 2K series then you know why October is a month to look forward to. NBA 2K14 is set to be released on October 2 this year here in the Philippines and the hype keeps getting bigger given the huge success of its predecessor NBA 2K13.

A lot of fans are constantly pitching in ideas on how to make the game a lot better. Here are a few of my ideas which we may not see immediately in the near future or never at all (I hope not!). I will only tackle single player improvements for now since I haven’t had the chance to get a full experience of the multiplayer modes yet.

1. MyCareer Mode

- Pre-draft combine should at least be more like the actual combine wherein rookies gather and do drills that measure overall potential in all possible aspects like speed, ball handling, shooting, vertical leap etc. (mode should also be optional for players who just wants to jump in the game immediately.)

- Putting in a feature where players can place their own background/history before they actually declare for the draft. Pre-made backgrounds should be made available so that commentators can mention some of the stuff during a live game (where you came from, college team milestones etc.)

- A portrait editor where you can import your own picture as the in game photo for your player.

- An actual video of you performing some of the in-game rewards to lift up your team chemistry, fan support, league exposure. (Currently you are able to choose from treating your team to an NBA 2K tourney, bowling, premiere night, and giving back to the community with either supporting a children’s hospital or participating in an annual NBA Cares drive but none of these actually show you with neither pictures or videos for participating in the said events.)

          “Hey didn’t you ask me that same stuff the previous game?!”

- Building up a rivalry with your desired NBA star/player where in you constantly get compared to each other and you the game gets hyped tremendously each time your team faces each other.

- Getting your own fan group as your fame grows.

- A better rating system for individual/team plays. ( Too much “Leave player assignment” & “Allow man to score”)

    “Uhmm can you trade for someone who will actually help the team?”

- Being able to actually buy stuff for your player with his contract money like cars, houses or even a private jet!

- Post game interviews should be optional and should also be able to provide more options dialogue wise.

- Halftime interviews with Lisa Salters or Craig Sager if you are the best player for that half.

- Allow players to have their characters mingle with other All-Stars during the All-Star weekend. Probably some interviews too.

2. My Association

- Bring back the ability to send players through the D-League and also the ability to sign players from the D-League pool

- Improve National/International scouting where in players can get a more detailed report from the team’s designated scouts. Players should be able to choose to scout whatever country they desire so that they can get players from their own respective countries join their very own NBA team.

“Yes you are not deceived by your eyes: Portland leads in the 4th against Miami”

- Improve free agent negotiations. Players should have the ability to interview/set up an actual business pitch to any free agent they desire and even offer them contracts based on their capability to win championships. (A cgi version of Mark Cuban is a must here hahaha.)

- Allow players to create their own playbook (this is a must for those who wants to follow Phil Jackson’s path as the Zen Master)

- Providing players the ability to set meetings for their team or any player on their roster to boost their morale or negotiate contract extensions. This would help a lot for those disgruntled players on your roster.

- Give players the chance to build their own summer league team from the free agent/D-League pool and also from their own roster. This would help gauge incoming rookies and also scout undiscovered talents during the said event.

                                  “Flopping is not an option in NBA 2K”

- Revamping the trade system. Make it more realistic in a way that we will be able to get realistic value for players we want to trade off from the team.

- Set an option where you can either simulate practices or watch/play the actual scrimmage before the season starts.

3. Exhibition Mode

- Just fix that Hall of Fame mode! It’s just unrealistic to see the Miami Heat score on 80% of their shots the whole game even with great team defense!

So that wraps up my wishlist on what I would like to see in the near future for the NBA 2K series. I know some of these may not come to fruition but hopefully at least some could make their way to the future versions of the game. All I can say is whether or not 2K Sports delivers on some of these changes they never disappointed the fanbase so far and is still leading the race for the best NBA sim so far.

NBA 2K14 launches Oct 1 on Xbox 360, PS3, PC. Xbox One and PS4 versions available upon release of the consoles.

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