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2k unveils covers for NBA2k16

Before the start of game one of one of the worlds biggest event, the NBA Finals, 2k had officially unveiled the cover in their NBA2k series, NBA2k16. NBA2k16 would feature not only one but three superstars on their covers.

The covers would include current NBA MVP Stephen Curry and fellow NBA All-Stars Anthony Davis and James Harden. Movie maker and sports fan, Spike Lee would be handling the games story for its My Career feature. Labeled as NBA2k16: A Spike Lee joint, Lee known for his movies, Malcom X and He Got Game, brings his cinematic brilliance to NBA2k16.




In an interview with USA today, Lee gave his insights about his involvement with the game:

“We follow a kid through the trials and tribulations of being a top high school player and the decisions he has to make,” Lee said. He says that although he managed to master the intricacies of a 12-day motion-capture shoot at 2K Games’ Bay Area studios, his video game skills leave a lot to be desired. […] “My son’s taught me a bit, but I’m a dinosaur,” Lee said.

Lee — whose dozens of movies range from 1986′s breakthrough She’s Gotta Have It to 2014′s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus — wrote and directed the MyCareer element of 2K16. It was produced by the He Got Game director and New York Knicks fan’s 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks company. Though the details of the story are still under wraps, themes generally run to avoiding the pitfalls that surface when talent mixes with money.

“I’m guessing every one of us grew up dreaming of the moment we’d be on the cover,” Davis says of the 15-year-old video game franchise. “I’ve seen so many players I know head off and put on a suit with all those balls (for motion-capture duty); it looks so fun.” […] Davis says having Lee take the reins of the story adds another element of realism, “because we all know how much he really loves basketball, we all respect him.”

NBA2k16 has started its pre-order. If you decide to pre-order a copy, it would arrive a few days earlier than the official release (September 25). NB2k16 is scheduled for release later this year, September 29.

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