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SDCC ’14: Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends “Avengers” and “Spider-Man” Infinite Series For 2015

During the preview night of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, somebody walked up to the Hasbro’s Marvel booth and spotted something in their display. A card that says “Avengers Wave 1″ and “Spider-Man Wave 1″ both having a release date of 2015. A couple of days later at the booth, they drop figures in their display and Hasbro has a lot of exciting new additions for your collection as promised that all will be “revealed”:

The Avengers Infinite Series 2015 Wave:


For a long time fans have been asking for a Marvel Legend scale Odin, Hasbro have heard our prayers and graced us with Odin to be the series’ “Build-A-Figure”, a second head was revealed later on and it looks like King Thor from the recent God of Thunder run by Jason Aaron. With new characters in the wave such as Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel with an interchangeable head, and Machine Man along with updated characters like Modern Iron Fist (with an updated right hand), the long-awaited Dark Avengers Hawkeye, Marvel NOW! Scarlet Witch, Marvel NOW! Thor, and Modern Sentry

(Photos By: Ron Mirasol of ActionFigurePics.com) 

The Spider-Man Infinite Series 2015 Wave:

When we thought Hasbro will stop with their Infinite Series Spider-Man line this year, they will continue it in 2015 with a brand new wave that features the Hobgoblin sporting his costume from the Spider-Man: Big Time story arc as the 2015 wave’s “Build-A-Figure”. The figures of this wave will consist of an updated comic book Spider-Man with interchangeable heads and 3 sets of hands (with a Pizza hand), Mae Parker Spider-Girl, and Spider-Man 2099.

Target Exclusive: Marvel Legends 3-Pack:

 It looks like Hasbro will be bringing back their old character packs, but instead of having two of them it will now be 3 characters in one and be dubbed as “Collectors Edition”. Their first release will be a Target exclusive and will have the long lost Radioactive Man be in it along with a Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel, and an updated Ultimate Captain America figure.

More figures and details will be updated soon once Hasbro’s Panel has ended. Stay Tuned!



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