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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Anniversary of Heroes Update Celebrates the Game’s Past, Present and Future 



Ragnarok M: Eternal Love‘s 3rd Year Anniversary update comes packed with a new mount, outfits, events, and rewards aplenty.

Glory to the heroes of Midgard! Mobile RPG Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is celebrating its third anniversary with a full array of new gameplay additions and bountiful rewards for both veteran and new adventurers. In the Anniversary of Heroes update on 28 Oct, players can look forward to an all-new Wilderness Explorer elephant mount, Anniversary outfits and new in-game events that will shower players with rewards aplenty and usher the one true heir to the RO legacy into the new year.

Wilderness Explorer Elephant Mount

As adventurers step into the Anniversary of Heroes, the festivities will kick off in the capital city of Prontera, where a variety of anniversary events loaded with high-value rewards await. Chief among them is the wise and heavily armored Wilderness Explorer white elephant, which can be acquired from the Unskillful Hunter. Upon hatching, the cuddly elephant will be the subject of every adventurer’s adoration as it journeys with you across Midgard. With enough love and care, this loyal pet will mature into a mighty full-sized mount, which will carry you into battle with sheer size and majesty unlike anything seen in Midgard.

Anniversary Headwear

The good times keep on coming with celebrations on Poring Island, where you can acquire an exclusive Purple Rose Dynasty outfit and Master Fred and Madam Canary headwear, along with a special Battle for Celebration Chest event at Prontera that will grant you Refinement Coupons. These oh-so-precious coupons are normally tough to find, and highly valued by elite adventurers across Midgard, as they can refine weapons and gear to tremendously increase their offensive and defensive properties. 

The Anniversary of Heroes update follows closely after Ragnarok M: Eternal Love’s monumental Isle of Dreams August update, which introduced the city of Comodo, the new Gunslinger class, and new questlines to pursue. With a staggering array of new content introduced in just 2021 alone, the quest for eternal love will continue its triumphant march into the new year.

Wilderness Explorer Pet

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