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Sausage Man

Sausage Man’s recent update, The Descent of the Gods, for the game’s T3 includes new Legend Cards, gameplay modes, and skins for weapons and characters.

Sausage Man 2

The craziest mobile battle royale shooter on the planet, Sausage Man, is unleashing the powers of divinity with its new seasonal T3 update. Titled Descent of the Gods, it features new Legend Cards that unlock powerful elemental abilities, all-new game modes like Hide & Seek and Battle For the Stars, and character and weapon skins inspired by the gods of Olympus. 

Sausage Man 3

In Descent of the Gods, the almighty powers of Greek gods have arrived on Sausage Island for your use. Scattered across the battlefield are the Zeus, Hades and Poseidon Legend Cards. The Zeus Legend Card will allow you to ascend the skies and blast your foes with thunderbolts, much like the eponymous thunder god, the Hades Legend Card grants you invulnerability and the ability to scorch the land with hellfire, and the Poseidon Legend Card lets you project a water barrier and summon a land shark, yes, a shark that swims on the ground, that uses its tremendous girth to crush enemy Sausages! 

Copy of Hide & Seek

This substantial update also features new Arcade Party game modes for players to amp up the ridiculous action with. The Hide & Seek mode is an asymmetrical mode that pits hiders and seekers against each other in a battle of wits, tricks, and subterfuge. The hiders can assume the form of everyday objects and must carefully collect stars placed around the map, while seekers must sharpen their eagle eyes to catch and kill these crafty cretins! Another new mode, Battle For The Stars, pits rival Sausages in a frantic battle to accumulate precious Stars from the center of the map, but take note: the most dastardly of Sausages can sneak into the enemy base and steal their accumulated Stars!

Copy of 6eaf0326acb9b22dc4fcbb6fffa0b199

Included in Descent of the Gods are a variety of new character, weapon and glider skins. Embody the champions of Olympus themselves as Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, and Ares, all raring to wage divine war on their enemies and each other. Joining them is an arsenal of godly weapon skins for the M249, MK14, AK-12 and more, along with the Shadow Woofer and Thunder Condor glider skins. 

With a full complement of Legend Cards, game modes and skins, Descent of the Gods ensures that Sausage Man players are in for an uproarious good time when it arrives on 28 Oct. The new patch will also include about 100 candies which can be redeemed from 28 Oct to 3 Nov, so get ready to invoke heavenly fury upon your enemies! 

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