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ESGS 2016: The FlipGeeks Experience


For the past 3 years, our geek calendar wouldn’t be complete without attending the go-to event for gaming that is the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS). We were fortunate to be among the first ones to witness the inception of ESGS until it became the biggest gaming event that it is today.




A great thing about ESGS is the price of admission. The ticket prices are so affordable that it costs even less than a movie ticket. For everything that you’ll get to experience at ESGS, you’ll get more than what you pay for! At ESGS, you get to play TONS of games, all FREE! From indie games, moba, mainstream games and even demos of soon-to-be-released games. On top of playing games, you’ll be able to take LOTS of freebies home! Almost all exhibitors are giving away free merchandise on their respective booths! We even recommend that you bring a bag with you when going to ESGS as you won’t know how much stuff you’re able to take home.



This year, ESGS leveled up 10 times better! ESGS made a huge jump from what they did last year. ESGS now have two separate stages, the main stage and the ESL Arena stage for the tournaments. Major game punlishers, SONY, BANDAI and UBISOFT all have head turning booths and let fans know their presence at ESGS. The halls of SMX were filled with multicolored lights and loud sounds from different games and booths.






The first time I went inside SMX I was taken aback as there were a lot to take in, I don’t know which booth to go to first, I was like a kid on Christmas morning excited to run around at the event!  The ESGS team planned this event really well, as they were able to create different “zones” so that con-goers wouldn’t feel lost at the event. Major publishers were near together, indie developers have their own area, toys and merchandise in another are and when you get hungry, it’s not difficult to find where the food stalls are!







GAMES are what ESGS is all about! It’s a gamer’s paradise. We lost track of the number of games that you can play at the event. Honestly, I don’t believe that anyone can spend a whole day at the event being able to play all those games. It’s wonderful to experience games that are not yet even out in the market like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Sword Art Online, RESIDENT EVIL 7, and of course, the highly anticipated game, FINAL FANTASY XV! All you need is patience to wait in lines but the experience alone makes it worthwhile.



This year, ESGS was able to bring not only an exclusive demo of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night but also the game’s developer, Mr Koji Igarashi! To those not familiar with Mr Igarashi or Iga, he’s just only the person behind countless games with the most famous being Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I believe this is the first moment wherein an international developer was able to showcase their game locally.






Aside from game demos there were lots of gaming tournaments held at ESGS 2016. The tournaments include the Tekken 7 and NBA2k17 Asian qualifiers, Brawlfest, Vain Glory, Hearthstone, DOTA 2, LOL. A cool thing about these tournaments is that some of them are streamed on big screens! Not only  are you able to watch comfortably but you also get to cheer for your favorite team/player!

ESGS is truly a total gaming experience!




This is a question I’ll leave to the ESGS team. From everthing that we’ve experienced this year, I believe that ESGS set the standard for events/conventions in the country. ESGS not only outdid themselves but they were able to bring something new like their event exclusives. We now finally have our own E3 or Tokyo Game Show here in the country. We hope that ESGS continues to grow and that they’ll be able to bring in more games (exclusives) in the years to come!



Here's our fanboy moment with the legend himself, Mr Koji Igarashi.

Here’s our fanboy moment with the legend himself, Mr Koji Igarashi.

As always, we would like to thank everyone behind the team behind ESGS for accommodating the FlipGeeks Family. Congratulations on a successful event! We are already looking forward to next year!

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