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Nvidia’s Newest Beast Revealed

Just when we thought that 4k resolution is badass, Nvidia suddenly smashed that barrier in one huge announcement of a 5k resolution capable graphics card: GeForce GTX Titan Z.

For those who are not yet sure what 4k resolution means, here’s a simple chart for you guys that would show a little comparison from what we are used to nowadays: 1080p resolution, 720p and those below the high definition classification.

There you go with just a simple peek how much of a game changer 4k resolution is. Just think about the LED TVs you see at your local appliance store that costs around 30-40k that makes you drool at the crisp images….now multiply the quality by four times and that’s what 4k is.

With that said, Nvidia just knows how bust someone’s wallet by announcing that 4k is “too 2013″ and decided to up the game and making them future proof by making a 5k capable graphics card called GeForce GTX Titan Z. It is constructed from two “Kepler” GPUs and a whopping 12gb dedicated buffer memory which not only supports 5k resolutions but can also perform well with multi-monitored gaming (talk about hogging your desk room with 4 or more monitors connected to each other!)

With this power it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the price itself is worthy of a second hand car or an Alienware gaming PC, even 2 boxes of it’s lesser brother: GeForce GTX 780 Ti. The announced price as per the image above is $2999 so the market for this is very steep and most likely intends to target high budget enthusiasts or graphic designers and those jobs require high end graphic processing.

Here’s the awesome “Transformers” inspired announce teaser

GeForce GTX TITAN Z is coming to your local goldmine this April.


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