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HUGE Godzilla Update!

It’s here boys and girls! The first official look at 2014’s Godzilla! After months of waiting we finally get an actual footage of the upcoming reboot. Unfortunately, there’s not much of the magnificent beast to see in this first teaser but just a few seconds of him letting out a terrifying roar but the mood and vision of this first trailer is pretty chilling. This upcoming reboot will finally give us what Godzilla fans have been waiting for, a true homage to the original Kaiju by TOHO. After watching the trailer and previously leaked teaser all I can say is they really made the movie terrifying for me so far (and I meant that in a great way!)

Multiple leaks were shown this past few months but were all taken down quickly by reps from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Rumors are now popping up regarding who the big guy will do battle against in this movie. Some say we’ll see Mothra, King Ghidorah and Kumonga who all appeared in the original series and movies. The only thing confirmed as of this writing is that we will definitely see at least one Kaiju to fight against the King of Tokyo. A sneak peek of what this creature looks like was shown in the leaked teasers before this trailer was released and the only description I can provide as of now is that it looks somewhat like a caterpillar or centipede.

I guess we’ll have to wait just a bit more and see until we get further updates on this. For the meantime let’s enjoy and get hyped for this potentially huge blockbuster by watching the official trailer below!

and here’s the leaked video shown before this official trailer was released!

And no the Godzilla scoop doesn’t stop here! We also have the new poster and some new movie pictures released recently so why not show it here as well right?!

“The new movie poster with the air-dropped soldiers shown in the trailer”

“Aaron-Taylor Johnson aka Avengers 2’s Quicksilver!”

“Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston with Aaron-Taylor Johnson”

“A glimpse of Godzilla’s forhead and iconic back-fins”

Godzilla will be roaring to theaters this May 16,2014. Directed by British director Gareth Edwards and starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen.

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