Posted June 11, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Gaming

Nintendo Reveals New THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Game At E3 2014, Teases Open World Gameplay!

Nintendo has shown a brief glimpse of the latest The Legend of Zelda outing during their E3 2014 digital press show, and this time, they’re firing all the arrows as they teased up at the possibility of non-linear and open world exploration. The final title was not given: right now it’s just The Legend of Zelda.

Explaining the thinking behind the title, Zelda brainchild Eiji Aonuma explained that this latest Zelda game would be an open-world Zelda. Link was shown atop Epona, with Aonuma saying that you could gallop over to the mountains in the distance if you so desired.

The beautiful footage opened with a wide vista of Hyrule, with grass blowing in the wind and an overall slightly cartoony look–think Skyward Sword with a dash of Wind Waker, rather than Twilight Princess. Link was then chased around the environment by a powerful monster. There was not a green tunic in sight, but there was a little look at Link’s new bow and arrow.

The next Legend of Zelda will be released in 2015.

Check the trailer HERE.

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