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Black Desert Online SEA’s New Kunoichi Class Out Now

Pearl Abyss heralds the arrival of Kunoichi, The Enchanting Shadow, for the Black Desert Online SEA server.


Kunoichi is the latest among the 9 playable classes for the SEA server. She’s basically the female counterpart to the Ninja class which was also recently just made available. Also an assassin type class, she utilizes martial arts, ninjutsu, and aerial attacks to quickly take down opponents. Her skills allow her to use smoke screens, confusion, and other techniques to keep from being detected. Kunoichi is a high attack melee class that wields a shortsword as her main weapon and deadly projectiles as a sub-weapon. As this class requires quick successions of combos and aerial attacks, it requires Adventurers to spend a little more time getting used to the controls.

Besides getting a new class, players will also be able to challenge Black Desert Online’s very first World Boss,Kzarka, The Lord of Corruption. Players can challenge this world boss for a chance to net some epic loot. Adventurers will know when Kzarka has appeared as his deafening roar echoes throughout the Black Desert world and a system message pops up to alert everyone in the game. If you feel you are ready, go to the Serendia Shrine and face off against this beast. Details on everything about the recent patch can be found here.


Black Desert Online SEA will also be getting two more servers added this week in order to accommodate the large increase of Southeast Asian Adventurers starting their journeys. With the addition of the two servers, users can expect a smoother overall gameplay experience.

Since Black Desert Online is known for its stunning graphics, many users have also been curious about the system requirements for the game. Pearl Abyss optimized the game so the minimum required specifications can be suitable for a greater number of users in Southeast Asia. Check the system requirements for the game here.

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