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Boardgames: LEGENDARY – A Marvel Deck Building Game

I love comic books. I love boardgames. So, it’s not surprising that I eagerly jumped at getting UDE’s Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. In Legendary, players take on the role of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and need to assemble a team of iconic and famous Marvel superheroes in order to thwart the schemes of equally iconic and famous super villain masterminds.

Typical of a deck building game, all players start with a small preconstructed deck of basic resources. These will either generate recruit power, as the system’s in-game currency, or fight power, the attack strength to fight villains and minions.

A main bulk of the game is spent with players recruiting superheroes to their deck. As this is a deck building game, each deck is customized to the play style of the player. The various superheroes will provide several options to generate lots of recruit and fight power, as well unique abilities that help out your game plan. This insures that all games are unique and never play the same deck twice. As players’ defeats villains, they will gain Victory points that count as a means to be the sole winner of your team. Granted that they beat the Mastermind. Everyone loses if they are unable to prevent the mastermind’s scheme from being enacted. Legendary has the proud claim of being a mix of being cooperative and competitive.

The game is fairly intuitive and easy to pick up; most beginners just need a few turns to get into the groove of the game.

The game features a lot of well-known heroes, from the Avengers, X-men, Spider-man, and even Deadpool. You will fight masterminds like Loki, Magneto, Red Skull and Dr. Doom that are backed up by HYDRA, The Masters of Evil, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and many more.

The components of the game are amazing. From the game board itself, the 500 plus cards with amazing artwork, and even the box itself. As a testament to how great the production value of the game, a friend accidentally spilled coffee all over the game, it hit the cards and the board. We just wiped out the coffee and did some drying but the cards were left sturdy, without softening. When you see my copy now, you wouldn’t believe that it had happened.

I would discuss how the game is played but I’d rather that you see it for yourself. If you find yourself in Cubao X, I’m at the Appraisery. Always with my copy, eager to play and teach anyone.

The game already has 3 expansions out. Dark City which builds on the urban and covert teams in the Marvel Universe (Marvel Knights and X-Force facing off with Apocalypse and Kingpin to name a few), Fantastic Four (The Fantastic 4 versus Galactus) and the recently released Spider-man set which showcases the Maximum Carnage storyline.

Overall, Legendary is my 4th favourite boardgame out right now. Boardgamers and comicbook lovers will enjoy the unique gaming experience that Legendary provides. With amazing artwork, topnotch components, and a fun and easy play time, Legendary is fantastic. Go out and start saving the world.


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