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SDCC ’14: More Monsters Will Bring Mayhem As GODZILLA 2 Has Been Announced!

In this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures’ followed up after Warner Bros.’ panel and they kicked off with The King of Monsters, Godzilla. Due to the success of the newest film (both critically and financially), a sequel has been announced and director Gareth Edwards made a video message for the fans to greet and thank them for the film’s success and the support during his time in working on the movie. Edwards is currently working on a Star Wars spinoff and he will return to direct the sequel once he finished the film. He is in San Francisco right now “supervising the reconstruction of the city” after all the destruction Godzilla caused.

But it doesn’t end there. Legendary Pictures’ CEO, Thomas Tull introduced a “sizzle reel” (or “concept footage”, if you will) for the second film that teased three new monsters that will make an appearance in the new film. The silhouettes were said to be: Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Rodan. Fans of the lore will notice that this is the same monster line-up we had from the Toho’s 1964 film Ghidrah – The Three Headed Monster.

We see the monsters’ silhouettes, along with retro government footage of serious-looking meetings, accompanied by a voiceover of President JFK calling for emergency meetings and disaster control. There’s also a nice tease to Directive 27.

The footage ended with “Conflict: Inevitable. Let them fight,”



Now we have more monsters to play with and we’re excited about it,” concluded Tull.

No other details were announced as of writing.


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