Posted February 7, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Comics

BREAKING NEWS: Paul Bettany Is The Vision!

Won’t it be strange for us to hear him as JARVIS and Vision at the same time?

Yes, folks. You read that right. The guy we all loved as JARVIS is now being cast as the android avenger Vision for the anticipated movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

First surfaced as a rumor by Daily Mail and confirmed by Variety and other entertainment outfits, Bettany is being added to the cast as Vision. No further information were given though as to how the character will be portrayed.

Now, if it’s true that the Iron Man tech is the basis for Ultron, then this casting makes sense at all. JARVIS could be corrupted, or lose his cool(as the earlier Avengers movie drafts and storyboards imply), which in turn gives him his transition into Vision. Also, it is noteworthy that his looks, build and voice capabilities are tailor fit for the role.

We’ll continue to update you with this development as the story goes. How about your thoughts, fellow geeks?

Your thoughts?

(Photos courtesy of  Comics Alliance.)

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