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Reviewing the film “Argo” starring Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin and John Goodman from Warner Bros.


Popculture and CIA operations never mix but in the case of Argo, it was the only thing that made it possible to rescue six US diplomats who managed to escape the US Embassy Siege in Iran during the 80s.

The film’s plot is pretty basic. Ben Affleck’s Tony Mendez is called in by the US Government to find a way to extract the US diplomats who have holed up in the Canadian Ambassador’s residence. The problem is that anything remotely related to the United States automatically becomes a person or item of interest in Iran.

The film is brilliant in the sense that it actually gets people glue to the screen. Sure some moments can be a drag there are great character building moments plus we get to see something cool, how one man singlehandedly brought out six wanted diplomats under the noses of fanatical Iranian soldiers.

The movie is thrilling and very gripping and will definitely have you in the edge of your seats especially towards the end of the movie where the plan has been enacted and the Iranians scramble to get the diplomats back.

Affleck is one of those brilliant actors who make a seamless transition from being a director to being an actor. The movie is an effort of love for Ben Affleck as he shows not only his skills when it comes to acting but also his skills as a director.

Going back to the popculture reference, the movie is pretty because it has a lot of parodies it contains pertaining to Star Wars and Star Trek. The fake film that Mendez develops is heavily influenced by the massive popularity of Star Wars during this time and its also that same movie which saves the diplomats from certain death.

The biggest popculture reference in this film which comic book geeks would really enjoy is the involvement of a certain Jack Kirby. Yes the King makes a special appearance in this flick as he is commissioned to work on several storyboards which will be used as a ‘prop’ to trick the Iranians into letting the diplomats board the plane.

If it weren’t for King’s contribution the hostage crisis could have gone worse and might even change the course of history.

Overall you really have to see ARGO; if not for the cool connection between the story and the co-creator of the Fantastic Four. It’s thrilling and you’ll suddenly find yourself in the edge of your seat, suspensefully wishing that nothing befalls on Affleck’s team.

VERDICT: 10/10

Special thanks to Warner Bros for the opportunity to see this outstanding film.

Earl Maghirang