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Blizzard’s ‘Titan’ Cancelled

It has been long rumored that Blizzard Entertainment was working on a huge project destined to match the success of ‘World of Warcraft’. The project was aptly named ‘Titan’ and was supposed to focus on a futuristic version of Earth where the players would join factions battling it out to gain control of four territories.


Players would take on roles of units such as “Rangers” that uses cloak to hunt their prey and “Jumpers” who were skilled at taking down enemies in close-quarters and can teleport back to safety. Apart from the usual battles that would take place, players can also focus on alternative jobs such as butchering, entrepeneurship and engineering. Setting up your own shops was possible along with the possibility of making your own family as It was also recently revealed that Blizzard hired developers who previously worked on ‘The Sims’ to work on a family system.

‘Titan’ was also ambitious with its goals in terms of molding the gameplay into somehow a close resemblance to ‘Team Fortress’. The gameplay would give players the option to switch from first-person to a third-person view if the situation calls for it.

The game was never technically announced but it was just revealed to the public earlier this week when Mike Morhaime (Blizzard co-founder and CEO) officially announced its cancellation after 7 years of being shrouded in mystery.


With the details just being revealed now on what the game could’ve been, it sounds like ‘Titan’ was truly an epic game in the making and had a lot of potential. I hope some other MMO developer capitalizes on this opportunity and use the ideas that could’ve made ‘Titan’ a refreshing sight and a possible game of the year candidate.

Tell us what you think on the comments section. Would you have played ‘Titan’ if it was never cancelled?

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