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ESGS 2016: SYNERGY 88’s Barangay Basketball


Basketball is a sport that has always been dear to us Filipinos, which makes Synergy 88’s latest mobile game, Barangay Basketball close to heart and home. Barangay Basketball is Synergy 88’s latest game offering on mobile and is now available on Google Play.


Barangay Basketball is the first story-based mobile game created by Filipinos but is also the first to reflect local community life in the Philippines. In the game, you take control of Wax, son of a former Filipino basketball legend, as he tries to step out of his father’s shadow and carved a name for himself in the world of basketball.

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet different characters that will help you improve your skills or crush your dreams. The game features a number of interesting characters like Coach B, former pro baller who’s your coach; Robbie, Wax’s “kuya”; Gasti, the barangay’s resident iron-pumping bully, who will make life difficult for Wax and challenges him to improve his skills on the court.


Ms Jackeline Chua introducing Barangay Basketball at the launch.

Other characters include basketball “masters” who will train Wax in his journey through the world of basketball. His masters are: Croco Martin (Yes! You read that right!),  a sharp shooting policeman by profession, a marksman inside the court! Popoy, sells coconuts for a living, he doesn’t let shots in his court.  Boy Pana, the local trouble maker and a crosses-over master. Gardo Distrito, the barangay beautician, who can slam dunk with flourish and flair. Of course, a story wouldn’t be complete without the hero’s love interest, that’s where Vicky come in, Wax’s secret crush.


Barangay Basketball mixes the sport of basketball along with telenovela elements that makes the game easy to relate to. Not only is the game made by Synergy 88’s talented artists and animators, the game also features the voices of local celebrities like Patrick Sugui, Ysabel Ortega and veteran actor, Tsong Joey Marquez!





Barangay Basketball is also a prequel to an upcoming anime-series, Barangay 143! The anime would be co-produced by Synergy 88 Entertainment Media, August Media and TV Asahi. We were told that the tv series will be shown some time next year at one of our local tv networks with plans of being shown internationally at a later time.


“We’re proud and very excited to share this unique mobile gaming experience not just to Filipinos but also to people in other parts of the world.” says Ms Jackeline Chua, Managing Partner of Synergy 99 Digital. “There are only a few games out there that highlight the fun and positive side of the Filipinos and we feel that Barangay Basketball is a game that will definitely help fill this game.

Barangay Basketball will soon be available for download on the App Store and an online multiplayer (PvP) is currently in development. The game requires online connectivity and is available for free using any mobile Android device.

Learn more about Barangay Basketball here.

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