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ESGS 2016: MSi Case Modding Workshop


Every year MSi has always been a part of the E-Sports and Gaming Summit. Each year we are fortunate to be invited on their product presentations, talks or seminars. This year, MSi offered a PC Case Modding Workshop.

As luck would have it, I was the one who was fortunate enough to attend the event. Me, someone who does not even know how to build a desktop computer from scratch, let alone customize one. I was actually scared as I was on my way to the event. I was frightened that I might nosebleed from all the terms that they might be discussing during the event. In other words, I’m a noob when it comes to these things.





However, I took this as challenge and with my trusty notepad in hand; I was determined to learn as much as I can from this event. As I enter the room, I saw peers from different media organizations also covering the event. They were all eager and excited as the first speakers highlighted the different products that MSi will be launching in the market.



When the actual workshop started, I felt at ease as it wasn’t too technical as I expected it to be. The speakers made sure that the participants would understand the process of modding. I was actually writing notes as fast as I could and learning as much as I can so that I can share the experience with both tech and non-tech savvy alike.

The MSi Modding Workshop was both a learning and entertaining experience as well. Even though some of the terms were technical, the speakers injected humor to their presentations, which made the workshop more lively and interactive. The actual workshop was divided into 3 presentations, the Power Supply Unit (PSU) Sleeving, Power Supply Cover and Custom Water Cooling.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) Sleeving

The PSU Sleeving is a process wherein you sleeve each individual wire in your PC’s PSU to make it look organized. Most PSUs comes with different colored wires, which might not look good if you plan to customize your PC especially if you have a particular theme in mind. The process itself is easy to understand as you can see in the photos. What’s difficult is the process itself, as you need to sleeve each individual wire connected to your PSU. Even for professionals, the PSU Sleeving might take you 2 to 3 days to complete at an average.











Power Supply Cover

When customizing PCs some would prefer to hide their PSUs and to do that, you would need to have a Power Supply Cover. The most common type of Power Supply Cover used is acrylic. In this part of the workshop, we were shown the process on how to bend or mold the acrylic using heat. You can use either a heat gun or a custom-made acrylic bender to make a Power Supply Cover.




Custom Water Cooling

The last presentation for the MSi Modding Workshop was the Custom Water Cooling. This is the process wherein you customize the cooling system for your PC. The demonstration includes how to cut plastic tubes that would be connected to the actual cooling system. The process is similar as to how you would mold the acrylic, it is also done using heat. This has to be the most technical and tedious process during the entire workshop. You need to be precise with your measurements to ensure that tubes fit and that the coolant won’t leak because one mistake would mean goodbye to your PC. However, the speakers mentioned that it’s seldom that leakage happens when you make a custom water cooling system.





I did learn a lot during the workshop though I still won’t try customizing my PC on my own, I’d leave that to the professionals. Haha. We would like again to thank MSi for inviting us to the Case Modding Workshop at ESGS 2016. It’s always a pleasure attending your events.

For those who are interested to learn more about modding, you may contact or visit the following pages.

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