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Movies you wanna watch for your GEEKY Valentine’s Day

The Princess Bride

Valentine’s Day or ‘Singles Awareness Day’ (for some haha) is near!! If you don’t have or if you do have your special someone to celebrate hearts day or hearts month, and you want to watch a movie or dvd, we’re here to help you out. We’re not gonna recommend the usual romantic movies like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, or Twilight (ugh). Instead we’re listing movies that has a ‘geeky’ feel in it — heroes, animated films, fantasy. These aren’t new and you might have watched it already, if not then go grab a copy!

Disney Films — It’s no secret that Disney has their “Disney Princesses” like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel — but if you’re looking for a really great classic tale of romance, then BEAUTY and the BEAST (1991) is for you. It is an animated musical-fantasy movie, in which the plot focuses on a prince who is transformed into a Beast and a young woman named Belle whom he imprisons in his castle. To become a prince again, the Beast must love Belle and win her love in return, or he will remain a Beast forever. Rich with colorful and lovable characters, superb animation and soundtrack — “Tale as old as time..“, scenes that will melt your heart away. And the best part is, its now on Bluray so you’ll enjoy it more in high definition.

POCAHONTAS (1995), also a Disney animated feature, has also romance in it and though its theme focuses on the differences of culture and race. You can’t deny that romance, the love of Pocahontas and John Smith is a really strong theme in the movie as well – that’s why of all Disney movies and Disney Princess, Pocahontas stands out and that’s why I’m picking Pocahontas than The Little Mermaid, and Little Mermaid would be a great alternative.  Much like Mulan, Pocahontas is more of a Disney Heroine. And of course, like all Disney movies, it has great music and songs that would really fit in your ‘geeky’ valentine. Oh and if you love Pocahontas, and you wanna watch a movie like Pocahontas, try AVATAR too heheh.

Now let’s change the mood a little bit, and let’s put in some BATMAN goodness here. You might be wondering why a Batman movie is in the list. Yeah, its dark, gritty, violent, but where and when does romance come in? Certainly not in the live action movies, and its definitely about the Batman  and Robin love hehe. But instead, we’ll find it in the animated film BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM (1993). The film’s storyline introduces Andrea Beaumont, an old love interest of Bruce Wayne’s, who returns to Gotham City, restarting their romance. See? A tale of love + the goddamn Batman. BUT, don’t expect it to end like love story movies. And personally, I think this movie is most suitable for single guys Ha Ha Ha!

Since we’re talking about superheroes when it comes to lovelife, we can’t leave out Spider-Man! The relationship between Peter Parker and MJ, one of the most beloved and popular couple  in comics, has been explored over and over in comics, also has been an important aspect of the films — but not as good as it was seen in SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004). The film focuses on Pete’s struggle with his personal life and his responsibility. With the villain Doctor Octopus wrecking havoc after an accident and with loss of his wife, Peter does everything in his power to protect those he love.  Spider-Man 2 is surely one of the best superhero film that has a very ‘human’ story, wit h lots of emotional and great moments. Perfect for V-day.

When it comes to movies involving prince and princesses, Disney movies always come on top with — Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Alladin, etc. But if you’re looking for a Disney-like movie, a fairy tale with a little twist, then go watch SHREK (2001). A computer animated, fantasy-comedy film which also a love story (kind of haha) – Shrek is not your usual romantic fantasy film which has a Prince saving the day and winning a Princess. Full of comedy, some odd moments, great and funny references to great characters  from various fables, children’s stories and fairy tales, you and your special someone will surely enjoy and have a lot of laughs watch this movie.

Finally, if you’re not looking for animated movies but would like to watch something in the Fantasy genre. Then I’ve got 2 perfect suggestions for you! First up, If you haven’t watched the cult classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987), then I have one word for you — Inconceivable!!! Romance, comedy, adventure and fantasy, it’s all in here. The film focuses on the love between Westley and Buttercup. Westley became a Pirate and Buttercup became a Princess, and the film unfolds the story on how they came back to each others arms again — after an encounter with a giant, a battle of wits, an adventure in the deadly forest, a duel with a master swordsman and more!

Lastly, my final recommendation is a film that always reminds me of The Princess Bride. It also has fantasy, comedy, romance, adventure and a great cast. STARDUST (2007), is a film based on the novel by Neil Gaiman (creator of the Sandman series). In Stardust, a ‘goodboy’ named Tristan travels to a magical, mythical world in search of the falling star that will help him win the heart of his true love. And in his adventure, his fate and who he really is, is revealed along with his realization about his true love.  Witches, Pirates, and Princes played by an awesome cast makes this film much more enjoyable — Mark Strong, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro!! In my opinion, STARDUST is really a movie worth watching for your GEEKY Valentine’s Day.

Do you guys think I missed out some movies? Please feel free to comment your suggestions :) Happy Valentine’s everyone!!

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