Posted November 26, 2011 by Tony Tuason in Gaming

Get ready for Payne — Max Payne 3 Gameplay Trailer & Commentary

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Max Payne is back baby! The first Max Payne game was released in 2001, and after 10 years he’s back and the game looks extremely awesome. Although the game won’t be developed by Remedy Entertainment and won’t be written by series creator Sam Lake, Max is in good and in more than capable hands.Top game developer – Rockstar Games will make Max Payne 3, and will have Dan Houser as the lead writer, who was also the writer of most games in the Grand Theft Auto series and of the “GTA-Western-Style” – Red Dead Redemption.

Im sure Rockstar fans will be delighted in this game, since if you’re looking for a Red Dead Redemption type of game set in the present, then THIS IS IT. Max looks a bit old and fat in the new game, and now sports a bald look. Based on the trailer, the game engine is close with Red Dead and looks much even better — precision shooting, spraying bullets even when lying on the ground, and the bullet-time looks freakin’ awesome!

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you guys think:

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