Posted June 20, 2013 by Mac Barredo in Gaming

Breaking News: Xbox One backs down on its policies

As you may know, Microsoft received a lot of heat from fans all over the world regarding the online requirements and restrictions on used games. Well, as of today Xbox One will not require an internet connection to play offline games or need to check in every 24 hours; instead, internet will only be required when initially setting up the console. Restrictions with used games has also been lifted and trading/lending and even selling previously owned games are now allowed. Offline games are now also playable as it should be even without Internet access which is a good news for us who likes to bring their consoles on vacations and family gatherings. Downloaded stuff and games via Xbox Live are still restricted to one user though and cannot be sold or given to another player.

This recent update should bring back at least a few fans back to Microsoft’s side after what most consider a huge beatdown by Sony in this years E3.

Source: IGN.com and Xbox.com

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