Posted July 20, 2014 by Julius Sambo in Gaming

PlayStation 4 Takes June’s Top Spot For Console Sales Despite Xbox One Price Cut

Despite the $100 price drop, Microsoft’s Xbox One failed to take over the domination of Sony’s PlayStation 4, as the latter retains its spot as the best-selling console in the United States for the month of June.

For six months now, Sony has topped the charts, beating out its console rival, Microsoft, to accept the second billing, leaving Nintendo to settle nicely for the third spot this June. Microsoft’s decision to bring down the price for the Xbox One to $399, probably as a response to dwindling sales and backlash on various policies, was met with tremendous success. The $399 model, which is basically similar to the original device sans the inclusion of the Kinect camera, saw big spikes on sales, more than doubling Microsoft’s numbers from the previous month. Despite this massive boost for Microsoft, Sony’s eighth generation console held on its spot tightly, making it this generation’s top console contender. Nintendo’s Wii U also saw a sales bump, as the company released one of its most awaited exclusives, Mario Kart 8.

Total sales for all home consoles saw a 200% bump from the previous year, but this could mostly be attributed to the release of the new-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles. Actual hardware sales figures for this month have not been released, and both Sony and Microsoft have been coy on announcing their numbers. As of the last count, Sony’s PlayStation 4 (released November 2013) has shipped 7 million units, Nintendo’s Wii U (released November 2012), 6.17 million units, and Microsoft’s Xbox One (released November 2013), 5 million units.

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