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THE WALKING DEAD: DEAD ISLAND 2 Bites Back with Trailer, New Gameplay Preview

Dead Island was a more relaxed member of the zombie survival family. There’s no eerie silence, dank environments, and most of all, zombies stay in one place, eliminating the element of surprise that players usually get from the genre. Nonetheless, Dead Island was a solid, blood-soaked vacation that gutted out the “normal” features found in next-gen zombie outbreak games.

We’re happy that Deep Silver will continue the tradition in Dead Island 2. The game promises more exploration, crazy weapon customizations, and an interesting story that slides away from the desperation of the protagonists to survive invading hordes of special zombie classes. Playable survivors don’t sound helpless. Character development in an RPG-driven zombie game could use a little experiment, and Dead Island 2 could pioneer the concept.

In fact, the trailer above ends with an unidentified playable character grabbing an expensive pair of shoes from a disemboweled zombie grunt. Dark humor could make the sequel even more fun, or legendary; a status that Dead Island never really got to climb.

Dead Island 2

From the tropical isolation that was Banoi, Dead Island 2 will trap players in sunny and beautiful California. The location, obviously, is larger, but there’s still no information of how much freedom Dead Island 2 will offer. As one of those who played Dead Island, I felt slightly disappointed on how certain campaign restrictions prevented me from exploring areas or danger zones, which only opened up when I progressed into the story.

Dead Island 2 should make a panacea for this annoying limit and allow players to explore, scavenge, and pummel zombie hordes without any yellow police tapes!

John Robertson of Play Magazine UK made it clear that Dead Island 2 will still use its combat mechanics similar to Capcom’s Dead Rising – combining two items to create the not-so-perfect anti-zombie weapon will make a comeback and this time, customization is expected to be silly  and over-the-top.

Lastly, zombies will have some special attributes similar to what we’ve seen in the last installment. Previews have shown one tall zombie complete with soft bulbs attached on different parts of its body. Another one will have the same agility and blood lust of that of the Speeder.

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