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AMC Tease Fans With New THE WALKING DEAD Season Five Banner!

While most fans had already calmed down from the hype of season 4’s finale, AMC released an official season 5 banner for The Walking Dead prior to their panel in San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

The said show’s last season ended in an epic cliff hanger where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the other survivors from the prison break had reunited after what seemed to be a couple of episodes since the mid season premiere.  The reunion would have been heartwarming if they weren’t imprisoned in a railroad car. The story pretty much focuses now on Terminus – an advertised haven in which “those who arrive, survive” and guarantees your safety (not to mention food and shelter) from the walkers. However, sanctuary is too good to be true in the zombie apocalypse drama.

Writers and actors had managed to keep the fans at the edge of their seats as they refuse to give out any hints about season 5. What they did confirm is it will focus on Terminus. Fans speculated that the residents of the said utopia are cannibals and Mary’s BBQ Menu (Mary is part of the welcoming committee, she was seen twice cooking her barbecue and smiling pleasantly – you’d think that was enough clue to be suspicious) has been part of the debate.

Although not shown in the banner other survivors like Tyreese, Carol, and Judith who are currently on their way to Terminus (hopefully they’d save the day) and Beth, whose still missing (she was taken during episode 13 by a black car with a cross in the middle which also made fans to theorize that Father Gabriel might be the culprit – but that’s another discussion).  Season 5 will also have additional characters (also imprisoned) like Tara, Rosita, and Eugene aka the saving-the-world-go-to-dc team.

From left, we see Rick, Carl, and Michonne chained (not surprisingly) and Daryl posing for some heavyweight action (I’m excited to see him fight without his crossbow), the lovely couple – Glenn and Maggie looking all fierce, and of course, the save-the-world alpha Abraham ready to kick the bad guys. Banner below gives us a strong impression that though odds are against their favor being imprisoned; they would not go down without a fight. But hey, it’s not the first time Rick and the others are in a tight spot.

The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer will be released on July 25 and the show will return this October.

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Season 5 banner

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