Posted July 25, 2016 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

Kojima Productions SDCC Trailer!


What a crazy SDCC weekend that was! Trailers for our favorite series and anticipated movies just blew the minds off of everyone!

However, SDCC is not all about tv shows and movies, it also has room for gaming too! At this year’s SDCC, Kojima Productions unveiled their new company logo movie trailer.



Hideo Kojima mentioned at SDCC that the name of Kojima Productions mascot is Luden. Fans speculated that the man inside the suit was Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) who stars in Kojima Productions first game, Death Stranding. However, to everyone’s delight and surprise, Hideo Kojima revealed at his talk at SDCC that it was him who was behind the mask.

Kojima shared that he had his face digitally scanned at the time that they were conducting a worldwide tour of game development studios. He also added that having his face inside Luden was a little bit creepy. Ludens was designed by artist Yoji Shinkawa.

kojipro_1.0 kojipro_3.0 kojipro_6.0 kojipro_8.0

Kojima Productions also shared the evolution of the company logo from rough sketches up to the full 3D version. The inspiration for Ludens came from a mixture of exploration, medieval knights, space and computing.


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