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AsiaPop ComicCon Manila 2015 Kicks Off with a Press Junket


Set in high gear, the first AsiaPop ComicCon event kicked off the festivities by treating the press to a special press junket, in anticipation of the year’s biggest pop culture spectacle. Held inside Salon de Ning at Manila Peninsula, the media were given an opportunity to converse with some of the APCC’s celebrity guests.

Some of the names who made their presence felt include toy designer/artist, J*RYU, celebrity cosplayer Linda Le – popularly known as Vampy Bit Me, voice actor Jeremy Shada and his band Make Out Monday, and known fashion icon, Allison Harvard. They regaled the press with stories about their humble beginnings, as well as interests in pop culture.


After the stage time, the organizers allowed members of the press to speak with the guests more intimately through separate chat sessions. Luckily, we were able to sit down with some of the sessions and hear from them personally. Check out some of the snippets below:

Make Out Monday


How did the band get together? Can you tell us how it all started?

Zack Shada: Quite frankly, it’s all but a collaborative effort. The band’s a complete mesh of different styles, influences and orientation. It was nice to come up with something that combines them altogether. I, for one, can say that these elements pretty jive well.

Are there any artists you listen to that you wouldn’t want the public to know?
Jeremy Shada: Carly Rae Jepsen! (*media blurts out in laughter)
Why, I mean, come on. I like the artist, and I think she performs well.

John Spicer: Taylor Swift. She has a new album, right? I have to get one of those. *laughs

What do you guys do during your “Adventure Time?”
Jeremy Shada: Well, we treat everyday as an adventure. There’s that.

Zack Shada: We travel a lot. We get to go to different places and experience new things, which is one of the best perks we have as a group.

John Spicer: Don’t forget movies. We love movies.

Jeremy Shada: Right, movies.

Allison Harvard


How does it feel being back in the Philippines?
It feels great to be back here in RP. I’ve had a great time during my stay the previous year. I get to go to different places and travel a lot. I also missed working with some of the people here, and I’ll definitely want to do it again.

Would you be cosplaying for APCC?
I actually weasled my way just to do it. *laughs Yeah, I think I will. I’m not gonna pass up on the opportunity to cosplay. I believe I will be cosplaying someone from this anime titled “Unicorn?” I don’t know if the suit’s complete, but I believe it will be done in time for Saturday.


Jeremy Shada and Make Out Monday will be performing for the fans the entire APCC weekend, while Allison Harvard and Vampy Bit Me will be meeting with the fans on Sunday. J*RYU’s toy designs, on the other hand will be displayed in a special exhibit area on Hall A.

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