Posted May 19, 2017 by Dian Raval in Gaming

Behold the PlayStation ‘Playman’ a.k.a. ‘PlayStation Switch’

On Feb 2017, Sony filed a patent for a new type of gaming handheld that was in many ways similar to Nintendo’s Switch concept. Likely inspired by the patent, the folks at CURVED/labs designed their own concept to further visualize the PlayStation ‘Switch’ idea.

Dubbed the PlayStation ‘Playman’, it’s essentially a successor to the PlayStation Vita adapting the relatively new console-handheld-hybrid concept that the Nintendo Switch established when it came out on March 2017. The ‘Playman’, however, seemed to have adopted a few new tweaks that could give it the edge against the Switch.

“The Playman won’t be used in just two modes – handheld or TV docking station – but offers three possible fields of use. The device can either be connected to the TV via HDMI or, with attached controllers, be used as a handheld console. But furthermore a large, fully adjustable and above all robust joint allows for a comfortable solution to play while being out and about, without having to suffer from tired arms from holding up the weight of the whole handheld console.” — CURVED/labs

The Playman sports a tablet sized screen and is equipped with two halves of a DualShock controller. The controller halves can slide in and off the tablet screen, allowing for some vibrant visuals and the same type of ergonomic comfort the DualShock controller is known for. The screen can also mount into a relatively same sized console, effectively converting the handheld into a home console. The two controllers can then slide into a middle controller piece with a touchpad turning it into a regular DualShock controller.

Of course, this is not an official PlayStation product, but what a great proof of concept, wouldn’t you agree? And with Sony’s patent, it can still totally be a reality. So what do you guys think about the Playman? Nevermind the ridiculous name, would you want a PlayStation ‘Switch’? Let us know in the comments below.

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