Posted July 25, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Gaming

VALVE To Create Original Characters For DOTA 2!

Following the reveal of Techies at the recently concluded The International 4 tourney, Dota 2 is now inches away from achieving the same roster count as the first iteration – and once it does, Valve revealed that they’ll be creating original characters for a future update.

Confirmed by one of the company’s execs, Erik Johnson, he told IGN during an interview that it was always a part of their plans to integrate new heroes for the said MOBA. “Yes. We just keep going. Dota never stops,” he points. When asked about any plans of releasing a third entry, Johnson said that it’s pretty much futile and mused that they’ll be focusing instead in improving Dota 2.

Characters currently not part of the ever-updating Dota 2 include Pit Lord, Arc Warden, Winter Wyvern, Oracle, and Techies, with the latter presumably joining the cast at the next update. Here’s the reveal video from TI4:

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