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Pugad Baboy 30th 1 - Copy

REVIEW: A Rebirth After 30 Years of Pugad Baboy in Pugad Baboy XXX

Comic Reviews
April 18, 2018
Pugad XXX is the true rebirth of Pol Medina

Pugad Baboy 28

REVIEW: Let’s settle down with ‘Pugad Baboy 28′

Comic Reviews
May 31, 2016
Pugad Baboy creator Pol Medina Jr. returns to his usual self of lampooning those who deserve to be ridiculed, criticizing the ills and stupidities our society committed, and self-loathing his own corny jokes in Pugad Baboy 28. Unlike the two previous volumes, the creator becomes more confident in crafting ...

Pugad Baboy 27 cov

REVIEW: Pugad Baboy 27

Comic Reviews
December 26, 2015
SHOWING THE TEETH Pol Medina Jr., one of the most influential Philippine cartoonists ever, continues his brand of irreverent and street smarts humor in the latest compilation PUGAD BABOY 27. To be serious here, I find his latest volume a vast improvement over the rather disappointing previous volume. Under...


PUGAD BABOY Creator RESIGNS from Philippine Daily Inquirer

June 10, 2013
With the recent news that happened a few days ago regarding to the Philippine Daily Inquirer canceling their local-pride cartoon strip – Pugad Baboy,  Pol Medina Jr., the creator of the said cartoon strip, got to be featured on national TV news with this announcement: With this, what’s the futu...


Philippine Daily Inquirer Cancels Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr.

June 6, 2013
The Philippine Star just revealed that the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper is pulling out fan-favorite comic strip Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr. after it’s June 4 publication in the Comic Relief section having a topic focusing on gay, lesbian, catholic issues and an all-girl school St. Scholastic...

Unang Katipunan ng KikoMachine Komix

REVIEW: The Nativity of Rak-en-rol in ‘Unang Katipunan ng KikoMachine Komix!’

Comic Reviews
August 1, 2018
We can see how history in Philippine comics unfolded and unraveled with this beautiful volume by Manix Abrera

Emiliana Kampilan

LET’S TALK KOMIKS: The Exciting Emiliana Kampilan and her Dead Balagtas

January 17, 2018
elcome to Let’s Talk Komiks, a regular series where we interview local comic book creators about their works and upcoming projects, among other things. This time, here is Emiliana Kampilan. She started Dead Balagtas on the Internet. And now, Anino Comics released her Dead Balagtas Tomo: Mga Sayaw Ng Dagat ...

KOMIKET UNIVERSITY Day 4 - Class Picture Part 2

LET’S TALK KOMIKS: Komiket University Batch 2015

October 29, 2015
On this Let’s Talk Komiks, we feature some students of Batch 2015 of Komiket University: Jillian Combe, Jess Santiago, Maria Criselda Santos, Jez Nabong, Eden Sarmiento and Guia Baylon with Paolo Herras.  We get to learn on what they’ve learned and experienced in the workshop. As well as, how t...

Sinigang cover


Comic Reviews
October 19, 2015
THE “SINIGANG” CASE How to become truly independent and being responsible in life? Ardie Aquino answers this in his “mini-comic” entitled Siinigang. It is basically a simple cook book of our favorite Philippine comfort food (and definitely one of two truly PINOY cuisines ever, another is Tinola). Additiona...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Dragon Breed, Vols. 1-3

Comic Reviews
September 24, 2015
KUZU-RYU-SEN Maria Cornelia Damaso and Elmer Damaso is a tandem may soon-to-be a powerhouse comic duo because they conceptualize and visualize a fantasy, world-building and medieval inspired adventure tale in Dragon Breed. Currently the future power-couple in local comics completes three volumes of the pla...