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LET’S TALK KOMIKS: Arvin Valenzuela invades the interwebs with his Killer Kamote Komiks!

January 28, 2015
Local comic book creators have been selling their work in print in comic book stores and conventions. And they would get some amount of people looking at their work. Coz that’s how they get to survive. It’s exposure. It has been many years now where the local scene have been trying to put out t...

AfterSchool 01 cov

KOMIKS PREVIEW: After School #1

February 14, 2016
AFTER SCHOOL #1 Story by Arvin Valenzuela Art by Arvin Valenzuela Cover by Arvin Valenzuela Publisher Killer Kamote Komiks Cover Price PhP 75 Release Date: February 20, 2016 Other details: 15 pgs. After School Issue #1 is the introduction to a comic series about love, friendship and the daily lives of a gr...

Killer Kamote Komiks

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Killer Kamote Komiks: Pagtitipon ng Lahat ng Killer Kamote Komiks na Ikinatha sa Wikang Tagalog

Comic Reviews
November 12, 2015
Arvin’s Existential Quests…. Killer Kamote Komiks: Pagtitipon ng Lahat ng Killer Kamote Komiks na Ikinatha sa Wikang Tagalog has seven short stories of indie comic illustrator Arvin Valenzuela, ranging from one-page stories to four-page tales, totaling 17 pages. Here are the following selections. First is ...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Ang Pagkikipagsapalaran ni Mang Gayber #2

Comic Reviews
November 10, 2015
!?!?! Ang Pagkikipagsapalaran ni Mang Gayber #2 is the second chapter of the new series unleashed by Arvin Valenzuela. He continues the misadventures of the twisted Philippine version of the beloved 1980s and 1990s pop culture icon, MacGyver. This time around, things transpired are so absurd, downright rid...

Mang Gayber 1

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Ang Pagkikipagsapalaran ni Mang Gayber #1

Comic Reviews
November 8, 2015
What If MacGyver’s Gay? Ang Pagkikipagsapalaran ni Mang Gayber #1 is created by Arvin Valenzuela and kicks-off his so-called love-letter to the iconic 1980s to 1990s television series MacGyver, but in the most twisted and absurd ways possible ever. This premier issue introduces all of the main characters w...



Comic Reviews
November 5, 2015
WE NEVER CHANGE Tabon Kid is a six-page silent or wordless comic by indie comic creator Arvin Valenzuela. For starters, “Tabon” is located in the province of Palawan where, if you still remember your history classes ever, one of the oldest remains of the first Philippine inhabitants were found there; hence...

Hibangers 1 cover


Comic Reviews
November 3, 2015
IN MEMORIA… Hibangers #1 by Arvin Valenzuela is rather a bit cathartic for the creator-writer-illustrator because it tackles his deepest thoughts and feelings to his high-school best friend and band mate named Gian, alongside with his fellow band mates’ collective feelings. The title may be considered as t...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Killer Kamote Komiks #1 – Pinoy Humor, Warts and All

Comic Reviews
June 3, 2015
Arvin Valenzuela attempts to find out what constitutes Philippine or Pinoy humor in his first ever compilation Killer Kamote Komiks #1. This compilation can be served as the artist’s semi-autobiography of sorts since some of the situations present here can be glimpsed as products from his experiences and t...


IN DEPTH: Meta-historicism on SKYWORLD

June 4, 2015
Meta-historicizing Skyworld: Deconstructing Historical Possibilities, Conspiracies and Lies I. Preview Master cartoonist Gerry Alanguilan is right in the current state of Philippine comics—it is still ALIVE and continues to evolve.[1] He says this all over to counter claims that the Philippine comics indus...