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Gotham May Introduce The Graysons This Season

According to an interview Ben McKenzie had with The Daily Beast, it is very probable that the Graysons may appear this season. “The Grayson’s may appear this season,” McKenzie said. “I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but I think so...

SDCC ’14: FOX Unveils New GOTHAM Trailer!

Now that two of Warner Bros.’ DC-based TV shows unloaded their trailers yesterday, Fox followed suit with a new teaser for the upcoming origin series Gotham. This new trailer shows a montage of clips never shown in previo...
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Fox’s GOTHAM Launches New Viral Campaign!

Inches away from its SDCC 2014 premiere, Fox’s upcoming show Gotham launched a new viral campaign as part of their marketing push for the said event. This new program features a faux-newspaper sheet for the show’s G...


FOX Unveils The First Official Trailer for GOTHAM!

After months of teasing and press releases, Fox finally unveils the debut trailer for the much anticipated live action Batman prequel, Gotham. Based on elements from Gotham Central and Year One, Gotham focuses on Jim Gordon, as...