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The New BATMAN Suit after Convergence

June 18, 2015
The epic event that was Convergence has come and gone, and with it came a lot of changes, in both on-panel and off-panel for DC Comics. The freshness, like a first baker’s dozen done in the morning, is still in the air for the likes of a depowered Superman wearing a T-shirt and jeans (perhaps […]

Convergence 8 Cover

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Convergence #8 – RESET!

Comic Reviews
June 4, 2015
Let’s put this way, Convergence ends with a mere whimper. Once teased as a “love letter” to the pre-New 52 readers/fans, the whole Convergence event was supposed to end virtually all DC Universes, with the absolute exception of the New 52 Universe, you know. From the issue zero up to the fourth chapter, we...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Convergence #4 – The Painful Truth

Comic Reviews
May 13, 2015
We are beginning to see some developments in the fourth chapter of Convergence. Two stories merge into one and a reveal of sorts for the next chapter. That’s how simple it is. So simple that I had to read twice or thrice to make sense how the script is still virtually and essentially the same […]


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Convergence #3 – A Death of a Family

Comic Reviews
May 13, 2015
So far, so good this time around. Neither as majestic nor groundbreaking as expected, but to say the least, this third chapter of Convergence shows a bit of improvement in Jeff King’s scripting and writing skills in the comic sequential narrative YET. I immediately say it is DECENT to read, though the prev...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Convergence #2 – That Moment!

Comic Reviews
May 13, 2015
The battle royal of DC Comics is getting a brief leeway and a bit of something unexpected in the second chapter of Convergence. If we are going to believe the current credits, Jeff King takes the entire credit in the writing of the entire issue, while the tandem Carlo Pagulayan-Jason Paz illustrative team ...


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Convergence #1 – Let the Game Begin

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April 29, 2015
The fates of some of the pre-New 52 DC characters commence formally in Convergence #1. It starts with an apocalyptic end of one of the “universes” that even its own Superman fails to do his duty. The scenario reminds something of a movie plot in “Volcano”, a volcano arises in the middle of the cit. […]


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Convergence #0 – Where’s my City

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April 3, 2015
Virtually all current DC Comics issues of the New 52 take a two-month break (April to May). On the other hand, DC formally opens the two month and weekly event CONVERGENCE by releasing its maiden issue, Convergence #0. Written by veteran Superman scribe Dan Jurgens and movie scriptwriter Jeff King, this “z...



March 29, 2015
DC’s big game-changing event Convergence is just around the corner. And in case you need any help on what to read or where to start, DC has released an official checklist to help you keep track of everything.


DC Comics Announces “CONVERGENCE” for 2015

November 6, 2014
DC Comics is releasing CONVERGENCE , a nine-part event series that will bring back characters new and old back to the fold. Slated for release on April of 2015, CONVERGENCE will bring back characters, worlds and story lines that have been seemingly wiped clean or retconned when” Flashpoint” bro...


10 Facts You Should Know About IRON FIST

March 13, 2017
Welcome to another edition of 10 Facts, where we give you the ten essential things (and some obscure facts) you should know about a certain character. With Marvel’s Iron Fist coming up soon, the team effort comprising of Marvel’s Netflix superheroes that is The Defenders is coming to fruition. ...