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REVIEW: LOST IN SPACE Is A Heartfelt Love Letter To The Sci-Fi Genre!


Posted April 15, 2018 by


The remake of the 1965 space opera television show and 1998 film of the same title follows a family of space colonists and their adventures. Netflix’ take on the show is a cinematic spectacle that embraces the Sci-Fi lore’s bizarre, dangerous and infinite wonders of storytelling, it focuses on the exploration, the feel of it, what it is like to step on in an uncharted planet and throughout the ten episodes deals with the dangers, aliens, unstable environment.

Ten episodes feels like watching an epic ten hour movie – the showrunners made the most of each episode tell the story cinematically and visually that plays in world building and develops these characters’ journey as a revelation like a puzzle progressively, that makes the audience want to know these characters and their curiosity.


Family and Teamwork

Their dynamic and relationship portrays in a candid way, the writers doesn’t shy away on depicting their vulnerable, achingly problematic aspects of their personalities, it’s relatable, realistic and displays the flaws combined with some funny, awkward moments. Aside from the Robinsons, the characters’ interactions as a whole is the highlight, there’s drama, conflict and teamwork that demonstrate their skillset that compliments their individual abilities and overcome each of the obstacles they face.

Notably, Maureen Robinson’s science intellect has come and handy at all times, it’s as if she has the answer to every problem, Molly Parker shines in the role and brings a sharp wit, intelligence and spunk to her performance and made the character her own.


Millennium Falcon…NOT!

There are two routes that a remake or a reiteration are oftentimes confirmed, compared by its predecessors or by any luck, it’s well-received some critics would call it “as good as the original” and in rare occasions “better”.

Lost in Space manages to capture spirit of the adventure, what it means to go the unknown. The show defies the source material but keeps the premise, characters, lore and concept intact and keeps relevant into modern times and without spoiling, the science and mission is in line is rooted in the climate change issue like the uncharted, desolate planet.

The show’s storytelling and lore and the viewers will notice pop culture Sci-Fi nods that does not fully rely on nostalgia. For one, the resolute resembles Star Wars’  Millennium falcon, the psychological impact of the character takes a page of Ridley Scott’s Alien movie, and a bit of Stranger Things: this show’s Will has a lot of things in common: name: check, youngest child: check, encounter with a strange entity: check, except the robot is friendly than the Demogorgon.


Rocket Science

Amidst the sci-fi tribute, the production design of the ships, space suits and technology is modern that gives a glimpse of what modern space exploration will look in years’ time, wishful thinking but anything’s possible.

Without spoiling, these concepts were a framework on solving the daily woes in space; using helium to overcome the boiling tar, magnesium to counter frost, it may sound complex, the science jargon may be a bit confusing and somewhat difficult to follow at first and seeing these hacks or methods for the better term makes it fun to watch.

The callbacks such as 1962 American Space Launch and Toyohiro Akiyama, the first Japanese astronaut were a nice touch, acknowledging our history and  the science that makes the show grounded and more than just a love letter to Sci-Fi genre and a remake.

Sadly, the show falls short with the amount of ten episodes and runtime is a blessing which allowed the story to flesh out and a bane because each episode takes a while for the story to pick up especially in the first three episodes which could’ve been condensed into one episode which is why it would be better if season 2 has eight episodes and shorter runtime. Overall, the show delivers a solid first season, its storytelling and performances triumphed from start to finish.

Mico Orda

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