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Marvel Unveils New Set of Teaser Photos and Footage From DAREDEVIL!

October 12, 2014
Marvel.com finally released their first slew of teaser photos from the highly anticipated Netflix miniseries, Daredevil. Both of the photos showcased Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock – in his daytime look as a lawyer, and in his nighttime garb as “Pre-suit Daredevil,” which is clearly inspired...


5 Mark Millar Stories that We’ll See on Netflix Very Soon

July 18, 2018
Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, today announced its first slate of films and series based on the stories of Mark Millar. Netflix acquired Millar’s company, Millarworld, last year and since then has been developing projects with Mark and Lucy Millar, including The Magic Order, w...


John Boyega Shares the First Official Look at PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING

February 11, 2017
John Boyega finally confirmed what we’ve known for quite some time – he will be playing Stacker Pentecost’s son in Steven S. DeKnight’s Pacific Rim: Uprising. Boyega posted the first official still from the movie on his Instagram account with the message, “I am Pentecost 2018 #pacificrimuprising.” He seems...

Transformers Age of Extinction IMAX poster

TRANSFORMERS Cinematic Universe adds one more Writer

June 9, 2015
The Netflix Daredevil series’ showrunner, Steven S. DeKnight has been recently added as the final member of Akiva Goldsman’s writer’s group for the Transformers Cinematic Universe. The writer’s group has an impressive lineup which consists of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman,...