Posted April 25, 2013 by Dirv De Venecia in Collectibles

Marvel Select Venom Figure Review

What’s up guys! It is I, Dirv back again for another figure review.  This time let’s take a look at arguably the most anticipated Marvel Select release for this year:

The Marvel Select Venom Figure!!!

After having done an Ultimate version and an Anti-Venom figure in the past, Diamond Select Toys have finally given us our favorite symbiotic anti-hero his own Select figure.

Using the likeness of Eddie Brock during the Madness story arc, this figure comes with a ton of accessories including 3 sets of inter-changeable heads and hands — and a back-pack like accessory that also comes with articulated arms and heads.

Here is my hands-on review of the figure:

A piece of advice: As much as I like this Marvel Select Venom, the only real big flaw I found with it is that DST did not invest that well in the quality department of this action figure. Paint smudges are prevalent from almost every stock I saw when I picked-this guy up. So be very careful in inspecting this figure — especially if you’re the “OC” type.

Big thanks go out to Comic Odyssey for reserving me this figure and for letting me browse all their remaining stocks.


Dirv De Venecia