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POLITRICKS: A card game where the worst person wins!


Like an old adage, it is said that in our country, when it comes to politics, there are no losers but only the “cheated”. Politicians who are elected into office had employed the most cunning, sometimes devious, means to achieve victory, sounds familiar, right? This is the part where it becomes interesting, why not put these concepts into a card game. Enter, Politricks, a card game about winning the elections at all costs, even at the expense of everyone else. Pretty much how you would describe an election,right?


In Politricks, you and your friends get to play as dirty politicians vying to win a government seat. The rule is simple: To win a seat “at all costs”. By all, you may result to any of the following means:

-Shamelessly promoting yourself by singing and crying!
– Bribing your way to the top – the more you pay, the more chances of winning!
– Sabotaging your rivals – accuse them of insanity, freeze their bank accounts, and lock them up in house arrest!
– Raising cash from dubious sources – In illegal gambling, endless road repairs, and pork barrel scams – anywhere but your own pocket.

Though, these do not necessarily reflect the entirety of the electoral process, no one dares pay a closer and more serious look at how these schemes come into play and how they are able to eventually get the votes.


Politricks, according to its developers, does not aim to promote these so-called dirty tricks and illicit schemes but to open the eyes of the electorate on how traditional politicians (trapos) go about them. The game, besides being education and entertaining, is a fun way of spending quality time with friends and family. Patterned after the popular game, MONOPOLY, the objective of each player is to “win the elections come hell or high water”, depicting the mindset of most political candidates.


In a recent press conference, the game’s co-creator, RB Ting said that: “Our generation, the millennials, they don’t want to be lectured, they don’t want to be told what to think. We’re showing them what it is and they can make their own judgements, on social media for example… when they’re playing this with a group of people, they can make their own ideas up.”


Even PDP-Laban President Sen. Koko Pimentel was present at the press conference and tried Politricks. To which, we even suggested to have the presidentiables from all parties play Politricks in a round table tournament. Now, that would be a sight to behold!

Politricks requires 2-5 mature players for each round that may last up to 20 minutes. Politricks is scheduled for release on February 22, 2016.

Learn more about Politricks through their Facebook page.

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