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GAME REVIEW: Overwatch — ‘Pixar meets Team Fortress’


Published by: Blizzard Entertainment
Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Game Type: , , ,
95/ 100

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Charming. Satisfying matches. Diverse roster of lovable characters.


No single player. Limited game modes.

Posted June 20, 2016 by


Overwatch might just go down in history as one of the few new IPs to ever be so obviously successful before launch. Blizzard Entertainment’s first original IP in 17 years have had critical acclaim since it’s reveal. Now that the game is finally out, we set off to see whether the game really is deserving of all the praise, not just because of Blizzard’s reputation.



Technically, there isn’t anything sort of a Campaign mode – it’s become a bit of a trend in recent games, really – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a story. When a time of peace between humans and sentient bots is tarnished by a robotic military uprising, the United Nation forms an elite peacekeeping force known as the Overwatch to fight this threat. Victorious, the Overwatch continues to do good for 30 years until they are ultimately disbanded due to human rights abuse accusations and internal conspiracies ( a la The Incredibles). Now, with the world in the brink of ruin once again, the Overwatch emerges back from the shadows to save the day. Though there are a series of animated shorts and digital comics that dig deeper into the characters and history, there’s also a fantastical lore behind the game told through the heroes themselves and the game’s many levels, be it words traded between heroes in-game, or from the little details and props in every map.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160524112850

Sadly, this pre-order exclusive is the only decent skin for Widowmaker. Everything else is pretty meh.

 G A M E P L A Y

As I’ve said before, lack of a story mode can be overlooked, so long as the multiplayer mode is more than enough to compensate (I’m looking at you, Battlefront). Thankfully, that’s exactly the case for this one. This is what Overwatch is all about, frantic 6v6 team-based objective combat. It pretty much takes Team Fortress and mixes in the MOBA formula of unique and diverse character classes with emphasis on team-synergy. There are four main archetypes: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. All initial 21 playable characters are spread across these four archetypes sporting their own unique skills and ultimates. Victory in Overwatch is highly dependent on your situational adaptability. For instance, you might start off as Mercy to boost your teams survivability but an opportunity to cover a choke point might urge you to switch to Bastion later on. Maps are dynamic enough that you’ll be adapting for more than just team composition. All this micro managing makes every match feel new and fun.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160603005844

Interrupting an enemy ultimate with Mcree’s flashbang can be a real lifesaver for your team.

Though there are only two main game modes, the fun is kept fresh by a good number of unique maps, some of which have hybrid game modes based on the two. There’s also weekly brawls that takes the standard game mode and twists the game rules every week. Down the road, they will also add competitive mode, which is the games equivalent of ranked matches. Lastly, there’s custom game mode, handy for when you want a pre-made match between friends, allowing you to customize the rules to your liking. Some players have already taken advantage of this feature to create new ways to play.

Overwatch matches can be really fun. Part of what makes it fun is by the way the game makes us feel. Hit-detection had been satisfactory for the most part, but it’s the Play of the Game feature and the commendations that can really be quite satisfying. The game set an algorithm that determines the best play of the match and replays it at the end for all players to see. It is then followed by postcards of some of the most contributing players that can be commended by other players on either teams, making you feel so good, man. Then, of course, the loot. Leveling up nabs you a loot box which when opened, unlocks four random vanity items ranging from sprays, voice lines, to skins and victory intros for when you score a play of the game.

Play of the Game has a way of making you feel good. Ooh, superhero landing!

V I S U A L S  &  


Visuals is an integral part of Overwatch’s charm. It’s aesthetics is akin to that of a Pixar movie, capturing a look and feel that is appreciable to a broad audience. Each level shares the same visual tones as the characters without being in the way of all the action. There’s always a narrative significance to each map, whether you pay attention to it or not.Overwatch may have a great musical score, but the audio plays a much larger role within the action itself. Audible cues play when enemy ultimates are activated and when turrets, teleporters, and enemy flankers are detected. Enemy footsteps also serve a tactical purpose with each hero having their own distinct footsteps. If used right, not only will you be aware of enemy flankers, but also pinpoint which hero they’re using.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160614175100

Having played both console and pc versions, I can say with confidence that graphical fidelity will not be an issue for either platforms.

All versions are virtually identical but with PC able to cough up just a bit more framerate and smoother anti-aliasing. Either version would deliver the exact same experience if it not for the control schemes, which is really the only deciding factor for which version to get.



Overwatch is a fantastic shooter, one that I cannot recommend enough. Charming aesthetics and highly entertaining combat are enough to get the best of us hooked, despite the lack of any Singleplayer mode. It’s easy-to-learn-difficult-to-master nature makes it a game that you can take both casually or competitively. With the promise of free updates like new maps and heroes, it’s looking to stay fun and interesting for months to come. All version of Overwatch are optimized with just the control scheme being the major difference. A problem with the console version is the consistent stream of players using third-party mouse and keyboard peripherals, possessing a significant advantage against controller-clad players, which can get quite frustrating specially at higher tiers when things start to get really competitive. It is unclear whether this issue will be addressed in a future update, but with the PC having a standard version for less, natural support for mouse and key, and extra graphical control, It might be best to consider getting that version instead.

Only Junkrat was hurt in the making of this review.

Only Junkrat was hurt in the making of this review.

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