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The Last of Us Part IToo Good, Too Soon, and Too Expensive


Published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Naughty Dog
Platform(s): PlayStation 5
Genre(s): Third-person Action Adventure
Mode(s): Singleplayer
Game Type: ,
90/ 100

User Rating
1 total rating



Definitive TLOU 1 Experience, Vast Accessibility Options, Visual Fidelity Matching TLOU2 Quality.


Steep SRP, Does Not Have the Original's Multiplayer Mode,

Posted September 4, 2022 by

The Last of Us made massive waves in 2013 and stayed relevant thanks to the Remastered release and the following sequel. This begs the question – is The Last of Us: Part I even necessary?



In reality, the story, dialogue, and all the emotional beats remain the same. However, the updated details and fidelity significantly enhance the narrative experience.

The mocap from the original was already superb, but the reworked facial animations allow for more details to show. This effectively enhances the emotional impact of nearly every scene and makes for a refreshing experience for even those who’ve already played through the previous versions.


4 (Small)

Part I’s controls are reworked and are more in line with Part II. However, it didn’t include any of Ellie’s new moves like dodging or being able to go prone. Still, the controls felt much more refined and all the Dual Sense gimmicks add quite a bit to the immersion (and battery consumption)

Overall, the core gameplay feels very up to modern standards while still staying true to the original experience. On top of that, there are a ton of new accessibility options and tougher challenges made available as well. One thing missing however is the original’s multiplayer Factions mode. Though players were mostly mixed about the online mode, it would’ve been nice to have considering the game’s 70 USD SRP.


The bulk of the updates and changes can be found primarily in the game’s visuals and performance. Unlike the Remaster, Part I isn’t a mere texture swap and resolution upscale. It’s very much a remake with many of the visuals – from environmental details to facial capture – rebuilt from the ground up.

The effect is a game that looks almost at par with Part II, which explains the naming convention. At the same time, it still stays fairly familiar with the first game, respecting whatever design and art direction the original was going for.


 The Last of Us: Part I is a solid release and a genuine remake, applying worthwhile changes in all the right aspects. However, the only real blocker is the steep SRP of 69.99 USD, though some might also be disappointed at the lack of the original’s multiplayer mode. 

For players who’ve never played the original or the remaster, this remake is now the most definitive version you can play; you can’t go wrong. For those who’ve already played the original, it’ll depend on how important the narrative experience is for you. It still deserves a score of 90 because It’s a quality title and a fan-serving remake, but probably best to wait for a sale.

[This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.]

Dian Raval

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